Enchilada Lover - Ross Weems
A few months back, we were out with some friends eating at Guero's Taco Bar and I got my usual order of two enchiladas, one beef, one chicken and double rice.  My wife made fun of me for always ordering the same thing, so in a panic I told the waitres I ran a blogged that reviewed just that order.  Everyone laughed at my witty style of course, but it got me to thinking, what if I did create such a blog?  Hence the idea was born!  I am sure you will see lots of review about this, but I will also include other pics and comments on other things as well.  If you have suggestions for places in the Austin area I should try out, please let me know!
3/26/2014 04:07:09 pm

Why do you have a photo of maggots on a dead body as your title bar photo. GROSS

7/30/2016 10:26:06 am

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